Hard to Be a God

Hard to Be a God

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Hard to Be a God
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IN Hard to Be a God a young but experienced warrior becomes a spy to scout out the situation in another country and report to his superiors on local politics in a timely manner. An RPG in a sci-fi setting has elements of espionage and offers a non-linear storyline, a story created by the writers the Strugatsky brothers, and a non-standard virtual Universe that combines alternative future centuries, as well as the Middle Ages. The game offers a non-standard character development system, as well as a large and interactive world, in which there is scientific technology instead of the standard magic system, free movement and random paragraphs at meetings

It's hard to be God – characters:

  • The hero is a young graduate of the imperial intelligence school. The protagonist himself has two variations of his name – Nioka in the local language and Nikolai in the earthly one.
  • Consul Arata is a rebel who leads Arkanar shortly after the fall of the state.
  • Count Rimon is an earthling, inactive agent who is searching for a valuable artifact left behind by the Wanderer civilization.
  • Brother Rudolf is the protagonist's brother, an earthly agent, real name is Rudy Sikorsky, thanks to whom the main character receives the antidote.

The events take place in the future, where on the planet Surina two years pass after the events in the novel of the same name written by the Strugatskys. These spaces are inhabited by a race of humanoids – a civilization identical to earthlings, whose level of development corresponds to the Middle Ages on Earth. Some indigenous inhabitants of the Earth are present on the planet and are observing, trying to help in development. Here the flora and fauna features both standard species including plants, horses and wolves, as well as local huge leeches and spiders. The main state is considered to be the Estor Empire with the provinces of Arkanar, where events and Irukan take place. The main feature of the game is that the gamer is able to choose a role on his own, after which the attitude towards his ward on the part of other settlers is determined and affects the gameplay. Quests are completed in several ways, for which different numbers of points are awarded, for example, in order to give the desired item that was stolen by robbers to its owner, the player can either kill the robbers and take it, or dress up as one of the bandits and take the item through peaceful negotiations. At the same time, the ability to change roles is available at any time and is carried out by changing clothes, of which there are 6 items.

Game information
  • Developer: Burut CT
  • Genre: RPG
  • Interface:


  • Voice acting:


System requirements
  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, 128 MB
  • Disk space: 2.4 GB

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Additional distributions:
Pirate (Tablet: Sewn)
Version: v 1.0
Information about the distribution
1.72 GB


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