Many Buttons to Press

Many Buttons to Press

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Many Buttons to Press
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Many Buttons to Press is an arcade racing game with hardcore gameplay. In it you need to control a starship and fly along circular routes, watching what is happening from above. The player is required to have very high accuracy. With each lap completed, the track becomes more difficult. For example, first spikes grow on the walls, then mines appear on the roads, then electrical barriers are introduced. To successfully complete the map, you need to fly a certain number of laps. After this, the next card will start and the whole cycle will repeat. The controls were deliberately made inconvenient, and the gameplay was made frustrating. For those who find this indie title too difficult, an easy mode has been added.

MBTP is a sequel to the game Press Any Button, created by the same developer. The self-aware artificial intelligence A-Eye appears again in it. According to the lore, it was originally created to help scientists in important scientific research. However, the hare-like AI began turning the tasks assigned to it into video games. In the sequel, he began his career as an independent indie developer. This character still breaks the fourth wall and uses irony. However, there is no full-fledged plot in the second part. It focuses on gameplay rather than story, which is ridiculed by the hero himself. In addition to the lack of narrative, the sequel differs from its predecessor in a radical change in genre. The previous project offered participation in various mini-games, but the new one only allows you to race on difficult tracks.

Game information
  • Developer: Eugene Zubko
  • Interface:

System requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video card: Intel HD 3000
  • Disk space: 250 MB

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