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Get ready for a mesmerizing experience! This Mashinky
PC game is pre-installed and available for free download via both Direct and Torrent links. Dive into enchantment with just one click.

Mashinky demonstrates to users a completely different version of the strategy, significantly increasing the scale and capabilities of the user. So, each time players find themselves on a procedurally generated map with one task – to create a transport empire using available materials. Moreover, when talking about transport, we should mean all categories, from large trains to compact cars suitable for driving along narrow streets. The beginning of the gameplay involves setting up basic parameters, in particular the map. So, you can decide on the dimensions, and also indicate how much space is allocated for mountains, reservoirs, forests, industrial areas and settlements. And to get acquainted with the basic mechanics, a tutorial accompanies gamers in the first minutes.

The location of the interchange will be important from the point of view of the dynamics of development in the game “Cars”. Thanks to the scaling of the map, the user will see all the key currents such as a coal mine, sawmill, settlements and other places. Due to this, you can immediately understand exactly how railway tracks should be built, which route wheeled vehicles will travel, etc. It is noteworthy that there is no in-game currency – it is replaced by tokens. All of them correspond to the types of resources that are present in the game. And at the rate at which raw materials are supplied to the cities, and also depending on the income level of this city itself, the gamer will make a profit. As the economic situation improves, the list of available improvements and mechanisms expands. Therefore, you can acquire more powerful locomotives, add new industrial buildings to the territory, or increase the number of workers. And taking into account the fact that there are several time periods here at once, you can try out different combinations, relying on the technologies available at that moment.

Game information
  • Developer: Jan Zeleny
  • Interface:

System requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: GeForce 750
  • Disk space: 2 GB

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Additional distributions:
Pirate (Tablet: Not required)
Version: v 0.71.12
Information about distribution
1.47 GB
File storage
Version: v 0.70.767
Open vault
1.3 GB


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