Mech Armada

Mech Armada

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Mech Armada
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Mech Armada is a tactical turn-based strategy game with an isometric camera and roguelike elements. In it, the user controls a small squad of humanoid robots. These human-piloted war machines fight monsters on small maps. All mechanical fighters have their limitations. The gameplay is built around the need to predict the actions of opponents and memorize their vulnerabilities. In addition to regular enemies, there are bosses. If all team members die, the user will have to start all over again. At the same time, the new passage will be different from the previous one due to randomness. In addition to the main campaign, there is a sandbox mode where you can get used to different tactics and mechanics without the risk of losing progress.

The game Mech Armada can be called the spiritual successor to Into the Breach. Both projects use a post-apocalyptic setting and procedural generation of locations, and also offer very similar gameplay. This title differs from its ancestor in the presence of three-dimensional graphics, a different plot and a number of minor changes. Here, instead of giant insects called Vekami, you have to fight against dinosaur-like creatures. They are called the Swarm. Another difference is the ability to assemble mechs from various spare parts. There are a total of 80 parts in this video game. They must be purchased with currency, which is given as a reward for successfully completing missions. You can also install various weapons on units – from ray guns to flamethrowers.

Game information
  • Developer: Lioncode Games
  • Interface:


System requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Dual Core 2.66GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: Radeon HD 7770, GeForce GTX 460
  • Disk space: 6 GB

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Version: v 1.0
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