One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend

One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend

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One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend
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Get ready for a mesmerizing experience! This One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend
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One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend – an unusual mixture of card game, adventure and strategy. The player will have to control a boy named Ororo. He lives in the unusual world of the Twelve. Magic still exists here, and strange monsters and creatures roam the lands. Martial arts masters who master Wakfu are held in special esteem. This is the energy that permeates everything in this world, if you learn to control it, you can do amazing things. This is exactly what the protagonist will do. He will learn various stances and attacks, and will also improve his ability to guide the Wakfu.

How the gameplay of One More Gate differs:

  • One of the main activities will be exploring local locations. At levels, in addition to monsters, you can find treasures, as well as characters who will issue quests.
  • Each race will be unique due to the procedural generation of maps. Therefore, the journey will bring surprises every time. The system also creates many random events that can reward the character with interesting buffs.
  • The battles here take place in a step-by-step mode. Therefore, there is no need to rush, but it is better to spend soy resources wisely in order to cause the greatest damage to the stew.
  • To unlock new abilities, you will need to buy them in the form of cards from merchants. In addition, by collecting various materials you can improve cards, making your fighter much stronger. It’s also important to combine available abilities into combos to deal massive damage!

Game information
  • Developer: Ankama Studio
  • Interface:


System requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470, AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 760, Radeon R9 280
  • Disk space: 1.2 GB

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Additional distributions:
Pirate (Tablet: Present)
Version: v – Complete Edition
Information about distribution
1.21 GB
Pirate Portable (Tablet: Sewn in)
Version: v – Complete Edition
Information about distribution
599.8 MB
File storage
Version: v
Open vault
870 MB


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