Our Story

At SteamUnlocked, we began as a small group of PC gamers passionate about playing the newest and most exciting game releases. As our community expanded, we recognized the frustration of constantly paying full price for each new title, especially while balancing expenses like rent, student loans, and our gaming habits. This financial strain motivated us to find alternative solutions.

About us

That sparked an idea: What if we could offer a catalog of unlocked PC games for fellow cash-strapped gamers to access? After numerous late nights of coding and troubleshooting, Steam Unlocked was born.

Our Intention

Our goal is to assist players on tight budgets in accessing and enjoying AAA games without facing prohibitively expensive costs. We unlock titles exclusively for enthusiasts who have already purchased these games but may have lost access, providing backup copies instead of promoting piracy. Our community is our top priority.

About Us: Moving Forward

We firmly believe in fair and honest dialogue, valuing input from developers, publishers, and gamers alike. If you come across copyrighted material hosted improperly, please contact our DMCA agent as outlined in our policy, enabling us to promptly address any issues. As our platform expands, we continuously strive to improve our service to the community in an ethical manner.

Our primary goal remains providing legal backup access for gamers who have already purchased titles but subsequently lost access. We do not want the activities enabled on the site to directly harm developers’ compensation. Therefore, if evidence ever suggests that our mission does more harm than good, we are committed to reassessing our approach.

Ultimately, supporting game creators to produce exceptional titles benefits everyone. We have no intention of undermining the very work we celebrate. So please reach out with any concerns regarding impacts on developers, knowing that we genuinely listen and adapt accordingly. Our vision is to find ethical ways for cash-strapped enthusiasts to play while still supporting future projects. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to discovering solutions that balance access and compensation, and we look forward to continuing this journey in partnership with you.